Vocational Education Program

The Vocational Education Program is a voucher-only program. Eligible state bargaining unit employees can enroll in one of the participating schools and apply for a voucher. The voucher can be used to pay for tuition and mandatory instructional fees.

Many schools throughout the State of Ohio are participating in this program. A wide variety of course offerings are listed and accessible through the School/Course Search.

VE Questions & Answers

Q: What courses can I take?
A: Only the courses found in the Vocational Education Program section listed online under the VE School List are eligible. UET will pay for a particular VE course only once.
Q: How do I qualify?
A. You must be an eligible state bargaining unit employee on the start date of the term to participate.
Q. What if my class meets during my work hours?
A. Provision of release time will be up to each agency.
Q. In case of layoff, what are my rights and responsibilities?
A. Click here for UET Layoff Information.

For additional information or questions, contact UET at 1-866-436-7900, or by e-mail at support@uedtrust.org

Vocational Education Program

  • Apply online for the Vocational Education Program. You can login to your MyUET account via the username and password fields in the header.
  • Download a printable version of the CIP Application (Adobe Acrobat .PDF format)