Computer Application Training


Enhancing our computer skills is a lifelong process. Whether we are beginners or have used computers for years, improving our computer skills will benefit us both professionally and personally.

More than seventy percent of eligible state bargaining unit employees surveyed reported that they were likely to attend computer-training classes if they were available. With this in mind, UET is providing pre-paid financial assistance for eligible bargaining unit employees who enroll in approved Computer Application Training (CAT) courses at participating computer training institutions.

Eligible employees can receive up to $1,000 for computer training per fiscal year (July 1 to June 30). The school is paid by UET, so all you have to do is present your voucher to the school at your first class. UET will pay up to $200 for one course, and you have up to $1,000 each fiscal year.

The CAT program is separate from the Career Improvement Program (CIP). Only non-college credit computer-training courses are offered through the CAT program. You may apply for college credit computer-training class through the CIP program.

Schools Participating in CAT

This Website lists schools participating in the CAT program along with the approved courses each school offers. The list of participating schools will change as new schools and courses become available.

School/Course Search


Q: Who is eligible for CAT benefits?
A: All eligible State of Ohio bargaining unit employees are eligible.
Q: What schools or institutions can I attend?
A: You may attend any school that actively participates in the CAT program. School/Course Search
Q. What if my class meets during my work hours?
A. Provision of release time will be up to each agency.
Q. What exactly does the program cover?
A. The CAT program will pay for your instructional fee and instructional materials.
Q. What is not covered by the CAT program?
A. CAT does not pay for:
  • College credit computer courses.
  • Application, registration, certification and test fees.
  • Any one-time mandatory or non-mandatory fee.
  • Hardware and commercial software.
  • Meals or recreational activities.
  • Telecourse or self-instructional fees.
  • Transportation or parking.
  • Late registration, add/drop fees.
Q. How is this program separate from CIP?
A. The CAT provides $1,000 per fiscal year for non-college credit computer-training classes. CIP allows up to $5,000 per fiscal year for college credit or vocational courses.
Q. Am I eligible for both CAT and CIP?
A. Yes. But because they are separate programs, funds from the two programs may not be combined in any way.
Q. In case of layoff, what are my rights and responsibilities?
A. Click here for UET Layoff Information.

For additional information or questions, contact UET at 1-866-436-7900, or by e-mail at


Apply online for the Computer Application Training program. You can login to your MyUET account via the username and password fields in the header.

Download and print the CAT application form.

Apply For Your CAT Benefit:

Select the school and course that you would like to attend from the CAT Directory. UET staff will verify your eligibility to receive a CAT voucher. Complete your application. Check to make sure you have completed all parts of the application and that the information you have provided is accurate.

UET Staff will:

  • Review each application for eligibility
  • Mail a tuition voucher to eligible applicants. NOTE: Your CAT account will be charged for the course costs not to exceed $1,000. The CAT voucher will be good for 90 days. If you do not use your voucher, write "void" on the voucher and mail it back to the UET Office. Your CAT account will be adjusted accordingly.
  • Notify applicants who do not meet eligibility requirements.

Register for Class:

After receiving your voucher, register for the class at the school listed on your CAT voucher. You MUST wait until you receive your voucher before registering for class.

Present your voucher, along with picture identification, to the school.

Complete your training.

The School will:

Forward an invoice, along with a certificate stating you completed training to the UET Office.

NOTE: Do not pre-pay for computer training. Payment will be sent directly to the school.